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Hey Jude[1],


 I’m sitting here resting my bones, just sitting at the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away[2], thinking of you on this beautiful morning [3] as I write the letter [4] that could change our lives if you will explain yourself so we’ll know both sides [5]now

I heard it through the grapevine [6]that you’re leaving for California, looking for the impossible dream[7], no doubt. Do you know the way to San Jose[8]

At MacArthur Park [9]– you know that weird park where sweet, green icing flowing down from the Mony Mony [10]building gets all over the daffodils and then love is blue[11]

Anyway, my mother’s friend, Mrs. Robinson [12], just gushed that she heard you talking to a girl and told my mother that you said to me, “This guy’s in love with you.”[13] But she must have heard you talking to another girl. If you’re really going to California, how can it be you love me? So far away…well, you know…there ain’t nothing like the real thing[14], right? 

Then I overheard them talking about girls named Delilah[15] and Honey[16]. They’re real girls, too, because they saw them at the Harper Valley PTA [17]meeting. They mentioned that your mom brought that weird red, red wine [18]and little green apples [19]pie for the refreshment table.  What’s that about?

Please think [20]about this. I know I’m just a young girl [21]and you seem to want to go now to the beat of a different drum. [22]But I have memories[23] and I want to reach my dreams of the everyday housewife [24]with you. I think of you every time I hear Classical Gas [25]and remember how we danced and shared midnight confessions[26]. You told me, “Elenore! Gee, I think you’re swell and you really do me well; you’re my pride and joy” [27]etc.

That meant so much to me and now…but a little gold ring you wear on your hand makes me understand. You’ll never be mine, I’m wasting my time? [28]You married her.



I cannot say anything without hurting you. 

The divorce[29] was no tiptoe through the tulips [30]for me. 

So much talk about an Eskimo, the Mighty Quinn, [31]and the unicorn [32]made me crazy. Then, the park with the sweet green icing flowing down and what it did to the flowers?  What does that even mean? It was spooky[33]. Whatever you’re on, I just can’t live with it anymore. I thought for sure I’d end up in jail singing those Folsom Prison blues![34] 

You told everybody that I was a bad buy, a girl watcher,[35] You know that’s not true. 

I do remember the good times, weekends at home or having a relaxing picnic at Tod’s, the most beautiful beach in the world. And Sunday morning–Sunday will never be the same[36], Elenore. I hope you get your life together and find someone new. 

You’ll find someone. My hope is he’ll take good care of my baby[37]. I still care about you; I just can’t live with you. ~~Jude 

Hey Jude, 

Thanks for your note. I hope you see my reply. I feel like I’ve been away forever and it’s been just three months in rehab. But it took me five years to get there! I’ve just gotta get a message to you.[38]I made such a mess. 

My mother says your new wife’s name is Valleri[39]. I hope you will be very happy.

I did cry like a baby[40]. I didn’t realize, in my mind’s altered state, how much time had gone by since we divorced. I should have expected that a nice guy like you would find someone good and get married again. It’s good that you left when you did. It broke the chain of fools [41]we became without knowing it. 

I see now, how much of our troubles was caused by my addiction. Too much booze and then the pills… No wonder I saw the leaves on the trees as green icing! I was much sicker than I knew.

I’m sorry I called you a girl watcher. That was mean and just a cover; to make it your fault while denial kept me from the truth about myself.

If your new love ever leaves you, don’t hesitate to turn around, look at me[42]—take another chance? Who knows…I bet you could probably light my fire [43]again. (smiling!) 

Well, I’m a little down. This Dion song about Abraham, Martin and John [44]and Bobby really got me thinking about the state of the world. It’s so sad, isn’t it? Yet it’s good to be able to feel again without needing to alter myself anymore. I’m ready to face the good, the bad and the ugly[45]. Love, Elenore

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